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Amostragem Aleatória Simples por Bairro de Faixa Etária de 10-14 anos.

Epidemiological profile of HPV sexually active women, ranging in age from 10 to 80...

The cervical cancer of uterus is the second type of cancer most frequently among the female population with an estimated 500,000
Epidemia Tuberculose

Epidemiological profile of TB in the population of the city of Belém-Pará, Brazil: study...

Epidemiological case notifications of tuberculosis (TB) are very important, because the disease that afflicts mankind comes from antiquity.

Soroepidemiológica Retrospective Analysis of Dengue virus in the municipality of Marituba, PA-reported cases in...

FREITAS, Heldimar Soares de , FARIAS, Selma Ferreira de Freitas , FECURY, Amanda Alves , DIAS, Cláudio Alberto Gellis de Mattos ,MOREIRA, Elizangela Claudia...

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