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Rosane Machado de Oliveira

Graduated in Full Degree in Pedagogy from the International Faculty of Curitiba - PR, (FACINTER). Graduated in Full Degree in History - by the International Faculty of Curitiba (FACINTER). Graduate Student in Sociology - Class of October 2017 from (FACINTER). Specialization in Special and Inclusive Education (FACINTER). Specialization in Teaching in Higher Education by the Faculty of Education São Luís de São Paulo - SP. Specialization in School Management: Guidance and Supervision by Faculdade de Educação São Luís - SP. Specialization in Playful Teaching by the Faculty of Education São Luís - SP.

School Curriculum: A Body of Knowledge for the Achievement of Educational Objectives

Analysis and critical reflection on the subject addressed (school curriculum), as well as active research, and understanding of the ideas of scholars

Supervised Internship Report – Special Education and Inclusive Education [1]

Special and inclusive education, I evaluated students in a positive way, because everyone interacted and participated in the class in a creative and critical way

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