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Audit of Quality Nursing in Public Health Care

The importance of nursing auditing in public health services and understanding their direct influence on the quality of care provided

Case Report – Health Promotion for the Hispanic Population

Nurse focused mainly on educating the parents who are the care providers of the children, so they can make wiser choices when feeding their children

The Role of Nursing in the Hemodialysis Session

The kidneys are responsible for the elimination of residues from the digestion of food after the body has taken advantage of all its elements

Update on the Major Aspects Related to Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the type of cancer that most affects women worldwide in developing and developed countries
Localização da área de estudo. (A) Brasil, (B) zona costeira amazônica brasileira, (C) localização da comunidade do Tamatateua.

Social and environmental assessment of the community of Tamatateua, Amazonian Brazilian Coast

Of course Rico environment and very productive, biologically, with large areas of mangroves, estuaries, rivers and tropical forests
Produção (kg) de lixo orgânico e inorgânico em ambas as amostragens e composição do lixo inorgânico média das duas coletas

Socioeconomic and environmental characterization in a Coastal Community in the Amazon region, Pará-Brazil

Coastal areas have always been places of great attraction to human populations, mainly due to the availability and abundance of resources.

Restoration of functionality of the Elderly with Gonartrose and Coxoartrose, by Hidrocinesioterapia: A retrospective...

As someone ages, there is a reduction of bodily functions. For example, reducing the capacity maximum respiratory and cardiac output.

Dengue: knowledge for coping in the Neoliberal context

The first case of Dengue fever recorded in Brazil, took place in the year 1982 in the city of Boa Vista in Rondônia.

Occurrence of Staphylococcus Aureus in Hospitals: A literature review

The presence of microorganisms such as bacteria from the genus Staphylococcus aureus in hospital units in recent years has grown considerably, due to the resistance of these microorganisms to certain types of antimicrobials, which has caused major pathologies.

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