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Alan Ferreira dos Santos


The work of Psychologist Along to drug abusers

The Human Rights Commission of the Council of Psychology performed a national inspection on the units of treatment for drug addicts in order to publicize the violation of rights of inmates.

The reality of Educational Measures and its contradictions-A sociological study

From the unveiling of a part of reality can at least identify the difficulties, and possibly allow an opening for the reflection on the modes of intervention.

The school inclusion and disability in the classroom

Children with disabilities must be included in our society, and to that end, it is necessary that the professionals are trained and prepared to maintain the necessary care. We look at many moments of sociological evolution, children with disabilities, not attended regular schools, and should attend specialized schools, with specialized classes depending on the disability.
Estrutura e dinamica self

Psychopathology in Carl g. Jung: contributions of Symbolic Psychopathology

Carlos Byington (1933-present) today with 83 years and some of the founders of the Brazilian Society of analytical psychology, great scholar of the works of Carl g. Jung

Epistemological crisis in the social sciences: The social functions of Theoretical Paradigms

Sociology is a field of study that they see growing since its early days, extending and branching in various areas of human knowledge.

Epistemological crisis in the social sciences: The social functions of Theoretical Paradigms

Aimed to find the properties of "epistemological crisis", its origin and its social impact. Finally, it was stressed that the phenomenon exerts.

The relations between anthropology and Psychoanalysis: Freud and Wundt Unexpected collaboration

The relations between anthropology and psychoanalysis, has been discussed some time in academia, mainly because of the epistemological variety in both disciplines. This article is a bibliographical research of qualitative nature.

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