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Adailton Di Lauro Dias

Master’s Student in science Education at Unigrendal University. Specialist in English by FIJ-Integrated Colleges of Jacarepagua, Rio de Janeiro (2007). Majored in Literature by the University of State of Bahia, Brazil. English and Portuguese Teacher at IFRR-Brazil.

The professionals of teaching and Burnout Syndrome: The basis of predictor variables and the...

The theme that generates for the study refers to Burnout Syndrome and its consequences as well as its relationship with the daily life of teaching professionals

Rethinking the future of water on our planet

Considered the most important, precious and indispensable liquid for the survival of human life on Earth, water has been motive

The teacher’s performance and the relationship of affectivity and learning from the perspective of...

The study addresses the theme of the relationship of affectivity and learning. It cites the importance of the teacher's performance in this context. Addresses that affectivity

The use of games for teaching English as a second language

Assessing the current teaching practices and even observing historically methodological aspects, the students nowadays face an extreme difficulty to develop

Karl Marx and Antônio Gramsci: Theories that complement each other

This article presents a reflection on the expressiveness of the work of the Italian sociologist Antônio Gramsci as well as reflects

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