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Camila Jatahy Araújo


The Principle of Dignity as a Guide for the Construction of Relations and Labor...

The Consolidation of Labor Laws is an agglomeration of rights and obligations that protect the labor field

The Adoption as a result of recognition of Marriage Homoafetivo in Brazilian Society

The recognition of civil marriage homoafetivo demonstrates that the principle of equality should serve as a parameter in order to avoid prejudices

Legal custody Given to children and adolescents as prevention of family violence and its...

Domestic and family violence are not in 100% of cases, clearly identifiable, but, without doubt, are responsible for thousands of children

Right to employee Image [1]

By analyzing the notes made in the present study, the conclusion that protect the right to employee's image is nothing more than respect

The Right to an Image of the Worker [1]

It is not today that we have heard the saying, "Advertising is the soul of business." It is well known that good publicity has a major influence on decision-making power

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