Dr. Patrick Abdala Fonseca Gomes, Professor and researcher in Belem, Brazil


Since pandemic of COVID-19, millions have already died.  Here we honor them all.  It is with immense sadness that we lost a great colleague, Dr. Patrick Abdala Fonseca Gomes, Professor and researcher the Parasitology in Belem, Brazil. He is remembered in this memoriam. Dr. Abdala was a great educator in medical sciences and an expert in parasitic diseases working at University Center of the state of Pará (CESUPA).

Dr. Abdala was a friend of Michigan State University (MSU).  He had loyally supported and hosted numerous MSU medical study abroad missions in Belem and Amazon River communities. His exceptional dedication lecturing to MSU medical students during their study abroad course, was second to none. His passion to educate medical students stemmed from his broad experience of education in medical sciences, which has won him respect among MSU medical students and MSU professors.  Dr. Abdala was highly instrumental in establishing MSU medical study abroad program with the Federal University of Para in Belem.

Whether it was his organizational skill as a lecturer in Parasitology, or his attention to details developing his lecture materials, the MSU study abroad program could have not been materialized without his leadership. Most importantly, Dr. Abdala was an exceptional person who demonstrated unwavering loyalty to his colleagues and the institution he represented. Everyone who knew Dr. Abdala will miss him dearly, especially those who worked closely with him.

Prof. Dr. Reza Nassiri, Former Associate Dean of Global Health, Michigan State University, USA.

Prof Dr Amanda Alves Fecury, Pro-rector of Research and Post Graduate Studies at the Federal University of Amapá, Brazil.

Prof. Dr. Hellen Thais Fuzii, Coordinator of the Immunopathology Laboratory of the Nucleus of Tropical Medicine at the Federal University of Pará, Brazil.

Prof. Dr Luisa Caricio Martins, Director of the Center for Tropical Medicine at the Federal University of Pará, Brazil.

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