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The Importance of Big Data for Understanding Consumer Buying Habits, Increasing...

The use of Big Data together with specific tools has become an almost necessary option for companies to stand out today



Socioeconomic and health profile of workers in industries of the Amazon...

Dados clínicos e percepção de saúde dos trabalhadores da Indústria Amazônica para Depressão.
Workers who report diabetes and hypertension and increased incidence of spinal problems, when compared to the brazilian population and indicative of depression.



The Effects of Linguistic Ideology of a Colonizing Process in the...

This article aims to discuss the linguistic ideology present in Guiné-Bissau's linguistic policy and planning , considering the ideological effects of a colonizing process, the imposition of linguistic ideas in the metropolis

Plackett-Burman Saturated planning for analysis of Opportunities and improvements in Supermarkets...

It is observed that most of the publications on the concepts of Lean Manufacturing/Enterprise and Six Sigma describe practical applications of these concepts and methodologies in processing companies.

The impact of the Expertise of the leaders in information technology...

To study governance, focusing on the profile of the it leaders in Brazilian companies, sought to first meet the concepts relating to governance and the profiles of it leaders. To this end, the description of the profile of the leader in YOU can reveal which factors influence best practices

The Taguchi method to Assertive and Probabilistic decision making in purchases...

In the development of the brazilian economy, observed throughout history, the great evolution as normative legislation governing the various guidelines. This procedure led to the need for a development of new Government practices

Systemic changes associated with cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB)

Heart surgery along with cardiopulmonary bypass since the 20th century was one of the greatest achievements in the area of health, because it brought a breakthrough in medicine, significantly reducing the number of deaths and bringing the possibility for new cures in heart disease

The importance of intellectual property management for the processes of technological...

Open innovation is a model that values collaborative relationships and technological connections, intensifying the markets and external flows of knowledge to add value to internal innovation rates, in these cases, because there are areas that companies have not interest in innovating through internal processes

The variables representing the degree of Attractiveness of the posts by...

The popularity of social networks is a current and relevant factor that exerts influence in changing human behavior. Social networks are introducing new ways to communicate and keep in touch

A Contingency Approach as a business strategy for the open innovation...

The essence of innovation is in your technological compatibility, technical, social and economic standards of market acceptance and vice versa. Organizations that can manage these conditions, tend to dominate the business models that influence market behavior

Multi-criteria evaluation of environmental costs of three alternatives.

In the construction sector the use and management of natural resources for extraction of raw materials is of vital importance in relation to aspects of sustainability. The knowledge of the costs of each material employed, the environmental impacts from energy consumption and generation of carbon dioxide (CO2)

Mathematical logic for the elementary school

The Logical Mathematician comprises a set of techniques, methods and procedures, organized, organized, triggered and, sequentially structured through the interactions between the multiple Functional Intelligences

Server virtualization

The purpose of this article is to study about server virtualization, your concept and some techniques used. In addition, will be also exposed a set of solutions used for better management and control

How Ana Mendietas’s Crisis of Identity Is Reflected In The Siluetas...

Figure 4 - Ana Mendieta, Untitled (Volcano Series no.2), 1979. Lifetime color photograph 13.25 x 20 inches (33.7 x 50.8 cm). []
Ana Mendieta (18 November 1948, Havana-Cuba – 8 September 1985 New York- USA) was an American – Cuban artist who worked with many different medias and materials focusing specially on performance. This discussion intend to focus in her work Siluetas Series (1973-1980)